Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal Roars at the Box Office: A Record-Breaking 9th Day!

Ranbir Kapoor’s latest movie, Animal, is making waves at the box office, surpassing big releases like Pathaan and Jawan on its 9th day. The film’s second Saturday has seen a staggering 116% jump in bookings, making it the loudest roar of 2023!

Record-Breaking Second Friday:

Animal set a record with its second Friday collections, standing at an impressive 338.63 crores. The gangster drama is expected to add another 22–24 crore to its box office tally on Friday.

Phenomenal Second Saturday Advance Bookings:

The booking reports for the second Saturday are outstanding. The animal has achieved a pre-sales figure of 10.87 crores, selling 3.8 lakh tickets for 14,000 shows. This includes 10 crores for Hindi, 52.97 lakhs for Telugu, 63.66 lakhs for Tamil, and 18.39 lakhs for Hindi IMAX 2D.

Outperforming Itself:

Ranbir Kapoor has outperformed himself by surpassing the booking numbers for the second Friday. The pre-sales for the second Saturday are 116% higher than the previous day.

Comparable to Jawan:

Animal’s performance is comparable to Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan. On the 10th day, Jawan collected 9.95 crores with 3.3 lakh tickets for 14,000 shows.

Potential Highest Grosser of the Year:

Speculations are rife that animals could surpass Jawan as the highest-grosser of the year. The film’s performance draws parallels with Shah Rukh Khan’s blockbuster.

Biggest Advance Booking for the 9th Day:

The animal has registered the biggest booking for the ninth day, with a pre-sales figure of 10.87 crore. Jawan collected 9.95 crores, Pathaan had 4.95 crores, and Gadar 2 registered 7.79 crores for the second Saturday’s booking.

Expected Second Saturday Collections:

With a pre-sales figure of 10.87 crore, Animal is expected to roar even louder on its second Saturday, with predictions above 30 crore.

Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal is undeniably the talk of the town, breaking records and setting new benchmarks at the box office. The film’s success story continues, making it the cinematic highlight of 2023!

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