Alia Bhatt: The Bollywood Star Who’s Also a Smart Investor

Alia Bhatt, the famous Bollywood actress, is not just about the glitz and glamour of the film industry. She’s also making a name for herself in the world of business through some smart investments in start-up companies. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Alia’s business-savvy moves and how she’s using her influence wisely to make strategic decisions.

Ali Bhatt start-up investments

Nykaa: Beauty and Wellness

One of Alia’s noteworthy investments is in Nykaa, an Indian e-commerce brand that sells beauty and wellness products. Although the exact amount of her investment remains a secret, Alia’s reasons for supporting Nykaa are clear. She admires Nykaa’s mission, which empowers women by providing them with information and choices related to beauty products. She believes that Nykaa offers a unique experience for discovering beauty in India.

StyleCracker – Fashion and Styling

Alia Bhatt has also put her money into StyleCracker, a fashion start-up that offers styling advice from renowned designers. This platform, founded in 2013 by Dhimaan Shah and Archana Walavalkar, aims to help people get expert fashion guidance. The team at StyleCracker, including celebrity stylists, handpicks clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, and beauty products to create customized fashion boxes. Thanks to technology, they can produce hundreds of these boxes every day.

Phool. co – Innovative Incense

Alia’s investment portfolio also includes, a start-up that’s all about innovative recycling. focuses on flower-cycling technologies, which means they find clever ways to recycle flowers and turn them into products like charcoal-free incense and other wellness items. The company is on a mission to create meaningful change through innovation.

According to Ankit Agarwal, the founder of, Alia’s investment is a significant step towards their global success. With her support, they can expand internationally and accelerate their research and development efforts. Ankit proudly points out that is a business-led and supported by women.

Conclusion: Alia Bhatt, the Entrepreneur

Apart from her acting career in Bollywood, Alia Bhatt has shown that she has a keen eye for business. Her investments in start-ups demonstrate her willingness to explore opportunities beyond the film industry. As aspiring entrepreneurs, we can draw inspiration from her bold moves and step into the exciting world of start-ups. Just like Alia, we can take calculated risks and make our mark in both business and the glamour of Bollywood. It’s time to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit and create our success stories!

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