ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023 boosted india economy by $2.4 Billion.

Image Source – ICC Instagram Page

Cricket, Shopping, and Celebrations: India’s Big Economic Win 

This year’s ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, starting on Thursday, is not just about cricket. Experts from the Bank of Baroda say it could add $2.4 billion to India’s money jar.

More People Watching, More Money Making: Cricket on TV Means Big Bucks

Guess what? More people in India are expected to watch the games on TV and online compared to 2019. Experts say this could bring in anywhere from ₹105 billion to ₹120 billion. That’s a lot of money!

Getting Ready for the Cricket Party: Good News and Challenges 

The cricket fun is happening in India after a long time (the last time was in 2011), and it’s perfectly timed with the three months when Indians love to celebrate. People might buy more stuff, which is good for the shops. But there’s a small problem. Prices for plane tickets and hotels might increase during the tournament. And if you want someone to do a job for you in the ten cities where the games are happening, it might cost more. This could make things a bit more expensive during October and November.

Holding onto the Money: Taxes and More Money for the Government 

Despite these little problems, cricket matches can help the government get more money. People buying tickets, eating out, and staying in hotels will pay more taxes. This extra money can help the government do more things

Mark Your Calendar: When and Where to Catch the Cricket Action 

The opening game is on October 5, and it’s between England and New Zealand. India’s turn starts on October 8 in Chennai against Australia. The cricket party goes on until November 19, and there are matches in ten different places in India. This time, it’s a bit more special because the last three times a country hosted the World Cup, they won. Will India make it four in a row? We’ll have to wait and see! So, get ready for cricket, fun, and maybe a richer India!

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