Rage Coffee: Brewing Coffee Industry Success and Innovation

Rage Coffee’s creator, Bharat Sethi, has introduced a ground-breaking idea to the coffee industry. The first plant-based coffee in the world, his creation, has won over coffee connoisseurs while also championing consumer and environmental safety.

The road Sethi took to success was anything but typical. He began his career as a project trainee at HDFC after completing his bachelor’s degree in economics at Delhi University. In a variety of roles, he honed his management abilities for businesses.

Sethi made a bold move in 2012 when he launched Poster Gully, an online community that honored the ingenuity of numerous designers and artists. This platform used automated self-serving technology to enable contributors to showcase their original designs to a global audience. He served as the platform’s founder and CEO for four years, guiding its remarkable development and successes.

Sethi pursued specialized education at Cornell University, diving deep into macroeconomics and markets because of his insatiable curiosity.

Rang coffee founder story

Entering New Horizons

The innovative B2B eCommerce marketplace iDecorama, which is fueled by aesthetics, was founded in 2016 by Bharat Sethi. This platform used user-generated content (UGC) and image recognition technology to make it easier for design, architecture, and construction professionals to discover and purchase over 75,000 products. 

Sethi’s entrepreneurial spirit was not limited to iDecorama. He began investing in brands such as DrinkPrime, Master Chow, and Jimmy’s Cocktails, among others.

The Beginnings of RAGE Coffee

RAGE Coffee, Sethi’s brainchild, debuted in 2018. The brand’s goal was to reinvent the coffee-drinking experience. Due to its extensive flavour selection and eye-catching packaging, Rage quickly rose to the top of the Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brands with the fastest growth. A new generation that desired instant gratification and health-conscious options was introduced to the artisanal coffee experience by its carefully sourced coffee beans from Ethiopian and Indian plantations.

Rage Coffee set out on an ambitious journey after a successful $5 million fundraising round in 2021, according to the World Coffee Portal. Plans called for building a facility in Haryana, which would open for business in October 2021. This significant investment, led by Sixth Sense Ventures, aimed to support new product launches, boost marketing initiatives, and increase the brand’s online and offline presence.

Future Project

Sethi discussed the company’s future plans for growth, mentioning that they currently have over 2,500 stores throughout India and hope to have 10,000 retail point-of-sale touchpoints by the end of the year. In one year, revenue for Rage Coffee increased by more than five times, from Rs 4.5 crore in FY21 to Rs 23.5 crore in FY22, according to Inc42.

Their bold revenue goal for FY23 is Rs 92 crore, and they have also promised to expand into over 10,000 offline stores by March 2023, doubling their physical footprint.

Rage Coffee launched a cutting-edge line of canned coffees in 2023 to accommodate an active lifestyle. Rage Coffee’s commitment to creating innovative caffeinated products was emphasized by Bharat in a private conversation with an Indian retailer. They want to give their customers a ready-to-drink caffeine solution for their busy lives.

By the end of April, these three alluring Rage ready-to-drink cold coffees should be accessible through all channels, enabling everyone to enjoy a convenient caffeine boost with Rage’s ready-to-drink coffee at work.

Rage Coffee’s Amazing Development

The trajectory of Rage Coffee has been nothing less than extraordinary. The launch of a new plant in Manesar was recently celebrated on LinkedIn by the company’s 34-year-old CEO. This is a turning point in their never-ending quest for research and development innovation in the coffee industry.

Rage Coffee is rapidly establishing itself in the startup scene, with cricket legend Virat Kohli as the brand’s ambassador. It represents a new era of superior coffee and positions itself as a formidable rival to long-standing giants like Bru and Nescafe.

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